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About Steve

Having been professionally involved in the construction industry for over 40 years, with most of that time spent resolving problems associated with construction. I have encountered many and various issues that have resulted in significant loss to building and homeowners. Most of these issues relate to inadequate and improper construction, misapplication of materials, and/or defects in materials.  Our services are designed and intended to help people resolve and correct with building problems. 

Building practices, type, and method of construction, quality of materials, skill levels and quality of workmanship all vary widely in the marketplace.  A general lack of concern, reduction in skill levels, and lack of knowledge in all these areas have crept in over the last many years often resulting in significant, serious, and costly building problems.   Most home and building owners depend solely on their contractors to provide the knowledge, skill, and care necessary to provide proper and adequate building construction.  The problem is that many contractors do not have their client’s interest at heart; the result is loss and damage that is costly and sometimes dangerous for home or building owners.

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